Titles Unlimited is proud to announce our latest partnership with Digital Closing Package.

This feature will provide clients with digital access to all their closing documents via USB site access given to them at closing. This tool will also provide post marketing for all parties involved to keep our name in front of the clients for years to come. 



At the Digital Closing Package, we exist for one reason and one reason only. We exist to increase closing counts for title companies and real estate law firms.

The Digital Closing Package is an extremely effective post-close hosting and marketing service uniquely designed and implemented to do three things:

  • Provide a tangible, unique, and memorable product/service to your clients at the closing table.
  • After closing, the system provides repetitive and automated marketing for your title company / real estate law firm, as well as the real estate agent and lender that were involved in each transaction. This keeps all parties top of mind for all parties involved.
  • We know that your time is valuable, therefore we created a full-service model that is extremely easy to roll-out, does not change your current business processes, and will only take a few seconds per transaction.

Automated, Targeted Emails To Clients

Automated, targeted emails that go out to your clients after closing will keep all parties involved in the transaction top of mind for your clients. Everyone stays in front of the client, with no work on your part.
• Welcome to the Digital Closing Package Email
• Personal Emails are sent out each year with all parties involved (Anniversary of purchase of home, Happy Holidays)
• 4  to 5 content-based emails are sent out each year (example: mortgage rates, homes sold in the area, homestead exemption reminders)

DCP Website

• After closing, your client puts their USB Key into their computer and they are directed to a secure site that is branded to you title company or law firm
• All contact information and pictures for you, the real estate agent and lender are included on the site for the transaction, keeping all parties in front of the client.
• Clients can then access their closing documents via the site.
• Clients will receive an email each time new documents are uploaded to their site.